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Academic Advising

Flagler Students receive personalized guidance from their advising team throughout their time at Flagler, from discovering a major to creating a four-year plan.

CACE Advisors

Your advisor from the Center for Advising and Core Experience (CACE) is trained to help you transition into a campus community that is dedicated to your academic success and personal development. CACE Advisors will serve as the primary advisor for students in the first year. Students will receive a faculty mentor in their first year and will transition to a faculty advisor in their major as they complete their Core requirements.

Find your CACE Advisor on the 3rd Floor of the Proctor Library or make an appointment using Handshake.

Declaring Majors and Minors

As students encounter new ideas and engage with their faculty, peers, and their community, they may explore new majors or minors. Advisors can guide students to a final decision and help them build an academic plan that aligns with their interests and goals. Students can add or change their major or minor by completing the form at this link.

Financial Aid When Enrolled in Less Than 15 Credit Hours

Flagler College students must enroll in 15 credits each semester in order to receive institutional financial aid and to stay on track to graduate in four years. In certain circumstances, students may be eligible to enroll in less than 15 credits and can consult with their academic and financial aid counselors to determine their qualifications. Students taking less than 15 credits should complete the financial aid waiver form at this link.

Meet your CACE Advisors

Jill Dawson

Jill Dawson

Senior Director of the Center for Advising and Core Experience (CACE) 904-826-8615
Sarah Deagle

Dr. Sarah Deagle

Director of Advising, Center for Advising and Core Experience 904-826-8609
Button Academic Programming

Dr. Jennifer Thweatt

Advisor, School of Humanities and Sciences 904-819-6237
Sarah Bliss

Sara Upchurch

Advisor, School of Business, Education, and Mathematics 904-826-8612
Jan Cheney

Jan Cheney

Faculty Coordinator, Center for Advising and Core Experience 904-812-8577


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