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Residence Life Staff

The Office of Residence Life staff has both full-time professionals and student staff to help guide and support residents through their journeys here at Flagler College.

Director of Residential and Integrated Student Experience

The Director of Residential and Integrated Student Experience oversees the Residence Life Program serving under the Deans within the Division of Student Affairs. The Director is responsible for supervising two professional staff members and a team of student staff, the Resident Advisors and office work study students. The Director is also responsible for educational programming for students within the residence halls.

Assistant Director of Housing Operations

The Assistant Director of Housing Operations works to oversee the operations of all residence halls including, but not limited to; room assignments, coordinating work with the Facilities Department, weekly walkthroughs, and key operations. The AD of HO also works closely with the Offices of Enrollment, Marketing and Communications, and Facilities to ensure that the residence halls are taken care of and issues are addressed in a timely manner.

Community Coordinator

The Community Coordinator assists with the supervision of the RAs and supervises work study students, as well as coordinates campus programming initiatives within the residence halls. Among their duties, they assist with operations tasks, crisis management procedures, and serve as a contact during roommate conflict situations.

Resident Advisors

The Resident Advisors are a staff comprised of students to provide resources, enforce policy, and build community within the residence halls. Each year, the Office of Residence Life recruits and trains students to help guide their peers through the on campus living experience and encourage engagement with Flagler College campus life.