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Group of five students gather in front of Ponce Hall.

Why Live On-Campus?

If you are still looking for a place to stay this year, we've got you covered. There are still a few residential rooms available on-campus. 

We have available double rooms in Lewis House, Abare, and FEC. 

Benefits and Costs

Location & Amenities

Our residence halls are close to everything so you can roll out of bed and walk to class. Not to mention saving money and time on parking and gas. 

Amenities Offered 

  • 24/7 Campus Safety and Security
  • The convenience of maintenance and pest control
  • Spaces to study and to hang out
  • Swimming pool & gym access 
  • Friends close by
  • Residence Life staff to assist with any issues
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The Cost

Here are the rates for available rooms: 

  • Abare ($3,750/semester)
  • FEC ($3,500/semester)
  • Lewis ($3,150/semester)

Additionally, we offer the following meal plans (per academic year): 

  • 10-meals per week at $3,450 with $50 Bistro Bucks
  • 15-meals at $4,600 with $120 Bistro Bucks
  • The full meal plan at $5,760 with $150 Bistro Bucks

Cost Benefits

  • Everything is rolled into one school bill- don't have to worry about keeping up with water, electricity, and Wi-Fi. 
  • You are only paying for the academic year instead of incurring summer rental costs.
  • Loans will cover on-campus housing 

Keep in mind- once you sign our housing contract, it is a full academic year commitment and you must sign-up for a meal plan.  

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Ready to Sign-Up?

Contact the Division of Student Affairs and request a housing contract.