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Office of Residence Life

Living on campus is a huge part of your college experience. Our goal is to help you feel at home in your Residence Hall, while also creating an environment where you can grow as a person.

In your time as a resident, you’ll meet students with a wide variety of backgrounds, personalities and educational interests. You’ll make new friends, discover new ideas and learn to thrive in your new community.

Residence Life Staff

The Office of Residence Life has a tiered system which includes student and professional staff members.

Student Services
(904) 819-6238

The Office of Residence Life is part of the Office of Student Services. All Student Services staff, including the Dean of Student Services and Associate Dean of Student Services are here to assist in promoting healthy social interaction and engagement among students both in and out of the Residence Halls.

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Coordinator of Housing Operations
(904) 826-8583

Coordinator of Housing Operations provides leadership for all aspects of the Residence Life program including staff supervision, conflict mediation, policy enforcement, and crisis response. The Director serves as a liaison between residents and other resources on campus and is always available to assist students in creating a positive college experience.

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Resident Hall Directors

Resident Hall Directors are live in staff members. These individuals add an extra layer of care for residential students. These staff members will provide guidance and resources for students, as well as residence life staff members.

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Residence Life Student Staff

The residence life student staff are current students who have a desire to assist their fellow students and help develop community within the residence halls. They are responsible for be a resource guide for students on their halls, programming within the halls and provide assistance during their duty nights. The student staff is in the halls to assist the students and will have their doors labeled.

Senior Resident Advisors

Senior Resident Advisors will be starting their third year on staff. They will develop campus wide events, take the lead on mediations and will help lead resident advisors and community advisors

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Resident Advisors

Resident advisors help develop community through programming and passives, as well as taking the lead on developing Co-Curricular events.

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Community Advisors

Community advisors are first year members of the student staff. The work on developing community through programming events, passives and bulletin boards.

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Contact Residence Life

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
8AM - 5PM


Student Services Room 224,
2nd floor, Ringhaver Student Center

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If you need immediate assistance outside normal business hours, please contact Flagler Security at (904)-819-6200 and they can connect you with the appropriate staff member.

Interested in working in Residence Life?

You need to have a 2.5 cumulative and semester GPA, completed 30 credit hours by the completion of the current semester and lived on a college campus for at least two semesters. Attend one of our informational meetings to learn more. If you would more information, please email Residence Life.