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Living with Roommates

Roommates John Roberts and Brian Parmley

Roommates 101

with John Roberts and Brian Parmely

What is a Roommate Agreement?
A Roommate Agreement is an agreement made between roommates about different responsibilities and needs from each roommate in the room. It can specify cleaning schedules, sleep schedules, or needs regarding lights and music in the room while studying. Residence Life highly encourages all residents to fill out a Roommate Agreement. They are available through your Resident Advisor or on our website. Once they are filled out, a copy will be kept on file with your Resident Advisor and another will be posted visibly in your room.

What happens if I move in and do not get along with my roommate?
If you are having difficulties with your roommate(s) please contact your Resident Advisor or the Residence Life Office to discuss mediation procedures. Please remember the demand for housing is high, just moving a student out of a room is not always possible. Once the semester has begun, after a 2 week holding period, students can speak with their current roommates and with their Resident Advisors about the steps to making a room change, if desired.

Who cleans my room?
You and your roommate (s) are responsible for the cleanliness of your room and bathroom. The residence hall custodians are responsible for cleaning corridor areas. There are periodic health and safety inspections performed by the Resident Advisors to ensure the cleanliness of the rooms and bathrooms. Residents are highly encouraged to fill out the Roommate Agreement form and to make a cleaning schedule with their roommates based on their needs.

Room Change Request Form

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