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Starting a Club

Create a space for your passions. If Flagler College does not currently have a club you are interested in, it is possible to create one and find other students who share that interest. The Office of Student Activities is happy to help you achieve your goal and enhance your college experience!

The Crisp-Ellert Art Museum, theater, the Flagler College Gargoyle, WFCF 88.5 Flagler College Radio and Flagler Review literary journal also provide creative outlets and pre-professional experience. Students are also encouraged to take part in the intramural sports program.

If you are interested in a particular club, Krissy Lombardo, the Director of Student Activities, can help you get in contact with the club president.

Starting a Club

The approval for a new club to become active comes from the Student Government Association, the Vice President of Student Affairs and the College administration via the President’s Cabinet. Students must request approval to form a new club by submitting a petition to the Director of Student Activities.

The petition must include:

  1. A proposed constitution
  2. A statement of purpose
  3. A list of projected activities
  4. A proposed budget
  5. Names and signatures of at least 20 students interested in charter membership
  6. Names of provisional officers
  7. The name of the faculty or staff advisor
Note: All College club officers and members must be full-time Flagler students.

The Club Advisor

The Club Advisor is a faculty or staff member who serves as a sponsor to an organization or club. The role of the Club Advisor is to:

  • Supervise the activities of the organization in accordance with the approved purpose of the organization and assist in the planning and coordination of activities.
  • Provide continuity for the organization to ensure consistency of purpose and activities from year to year.
  • Ensure the maintenance of accurate and complete records and minutes of the organization.
  • Provide guidance and interpretation in the area of administrative policies and decisions.
  • Report to the Director of Student Activities on the progress and needs of the organization.
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Maintaining the Charter

In order for a club to maintain it's charter, it must meet the monthly and yearly requirements set forth by the College. The general monthly and yearly requirements are below.


  • Meeting Minutes
    • Regular Meeting Attendance
    • Must be submitted to the Director of Student Activities
    • Upload in Saints Connect under Group Page Files
    • Log Meeting attendance under each event in Saints Connect (Registration and Track Attendance/Check-in)


  • Four Events
    • 2 Service – A service event involves helping a charitable or non-profit organization. This could be helping with Habitat for Humanity, having a canned food drive, or hosting a fundraiser.
    • 2 Social – A social event involves an event on campus that has been advertised and open to the entire campus.
    • These are the minimum numbers; clubs are welcome to exceed these minimums.
  • Presidents must attend the monthly Club Presidents meetings with the Director of Student Activities. If the President cannot attend, an officer should be sent in their place.

Consequences for Non-Compliance

  1. Director of Student Activities will notify the club’s advisor
  2. Club president will meet with the Director of Student Activities and Club Liaison on how to resolve the issue
  3. Director of Student Activities will formally notify the club advisor, Club Liaison, Student Government Association, and the Vice President of Student Affairs regarding what has not been completed by the club
  4. The club will be evaluated by the Director of Student Activities and Club Liaison to determine if the club will be placed on probation or not.
  5. If the club continues to not meet their requirements for two years, then the Director of Student Activities and the Club Liaison will present the club to the Student Government Association for them to decide if the club will remain active on-campus.
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Contact Student Activities

Krissy Lombardo | Director of Student Activities | 904-826-8583