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Media and Film Inquiries

Media Inquiry

 If you are a journalist looking for information regarding Flagler College or are interested in a faculty expert to interview, please reach out to our Office of News and Information team at

Filming on Campus

Filming and photoshoots at Flagler College, including using unmanned aircraft that are launched, landed, or operated on College property, are limited to times of the year when the College is not in session unless special permission is granted. Smaller photo and media shoots may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

For all shoots, Flagler College requires a request form to be submitted to the Office of News and Information with specific information. Please submit proposals with at least three weeks lead-time so your request may be reviewed. Only after the request has been approved by the College will filming or photography be allowed.

Flagler charges a fee for filming on campus that corresponds to the nature of the project and requires a Certificate of Liability Insurance, as well as a signed media agreement.

No filming or photography will be allowed that portrays the College or its students, faculty, and staff in a negative way.

Flagler College does not provide any equipment or services during filming. As much of the campus is historic, the College does not permit any activities that will damage, alter, or impact the campus.

If city streets are being blocked or additional street parking is needed, you must contact the City of St. Augustine: (904) 825-1004.

Other Considerations

  • A member of the Flagler College staff will conduct a walkthrough with the production team before and after filming.
  • If the College determines that your project requires that a Flagler Security Guard on duty, this will be at the production company's expense.
  • Generally, the College cannot close campus areas, or restrict any general access to areas like the rotunda. In some cases, this may be allowed, but only when school is not in session.
  • The use of any oil-based smoke solution is forbidden.
  • Only Flagler College staff will be permitted to move furnishings and artwork.
  • All film shot in Flagler College is for one-time usage and only for the approved project.
  • A Flagler College representative will be allowed access to the shooting location at all times.
  • It is generally expected that the production company will give the College credit in the film.
  • Wedding photos are not permitted unless the bride and/or groom is a current student or alumnus of Flagler College. Alumni should contact the Office of Alumni Relations for approval.

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