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Front of Ponce Hall from the southeast - taken on a sunny day.


The Flagler College trademarks are visual representations and valuable assets of the College. Flagler College has a legitimate and important interest in ensuring that Flagler College’s marks are used consistently, as well as ensuring that any direct or implied association with the College is accurate and reflects Flagler College standards. Any person who uses the Flagler College marks and represents Flagler College in written materials and communications should follow the guidelines presented in this policy.

Supplemental Style Guide


Branding Guidelines

What is our brand?

Flagler College’s marks include the word mark FLAGLER COLLEGE and the crimson and gold lion shield, as well as combinations of the two. Flagler College’s lion shield mark reflects the best of the College’s heritage, history, and traditions. At the same time, it also attaches itself to the hearts of the Flagler College family. The lion shield mark retains a part of one of Flagler’s previous marks that students, faculty, staff, and alumni have embraced over the years: the rampant lion.

In addition, the mark combines the rampant lion with a new element – a shield emblem – that signifies strength and stability. Also, the school colors were updated from the yellow and red of the Spanish flag to a more sophisticated crimson and gold. A warm gray was added as an accent color to provide additional depth and to permit some flexibility for our athletic teams.

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General Guidelines

This policy is for Flagler College staff, faculty, students, or licensees who wish to use Flagler College’s marks on their written materials, communications, products, packaging, labels, advertisements, instructional materials, street signs, or websites. If you are a licensee, you may have additional terms that you must follow in order to use the College’s trademarks.

By using any of Flagler College’s marks, or any variation thereof, you agree that Flagler College is the owner of the mark, that your use of the mark inures to the benefit of the College, that you will not object to or challenge in any manner Flagler College’s use or registration of the mark anywhere in the world, and that you will include all legal notices as required by Flagler College (i.e., ® or ™). You further agree that any goodwill that accrues through your use of the Flagler College mark inures to the benefit of Flagler College, and that you do not obtain any trademark rights in that mark by virtue of your use.

You may not use or register the Flagler College marks, or any variation thereof, as a trade, company, product, domain, or service name without prior written consent of Flagler College. You should not use the Flagler College marks in a disparaging manner or in a manner that may cause harm to the goodwill of the marks. You must not imply that Flagler College or its marks is affiliated with, endorses, or sponsors you or your product or service unless you have written authorization from Flagler College to do so. You should not use the College’s marks to manufacture, sell, advertise, or distribute merchandise or products, or offer, advertise, or provide services, without prior written authorization. Flagler College may withhold its authorization for any of these uses for any reason.

If you use Flagler College’s marks for commercial purposes without Flagler College’s prior written consent, you may infringe the College’s trademark rights and/or engage in unfair competition. By releasing this policy, Flagler College does not expressly or unconditionally grant you the right to use its marks. Flagler College expressly reserves the right to prohibit the use of its marks.

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Primary Trademark

Primary Trademark The Flagler College Primary Trademark is a combination of the mark FLAGLER COLLEGE and the crimson, gold, and gray lion shield design. You should use this configuration whenever possible, and master files are to be used whenever the Primary Trademark is reproduced. You should not alter the Primary Trademark in any manner except as expressly authorized herein.

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Secondary Trademarks

You should only use the Secondary Trademarks when space constraints or vendor guidelines dictate that the Primary Trademark cannot be used. Master files of each configuration are to be used in all methods of reproduction, and you should not alter the Secondary Trademarks in any manner except as expressly authorized herein

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Use of Trademarks


When using the Primary and Secondary Trademarks, it is important to maintain enough clear space around them for clarity. The diagram above indicates how to determine that space. No matter what size you are using, ensure the cap height of the letters is used as a guide. Therefore, the size of the clear space should increase or decrease proportionately to the size of the Primary Trademark. Please allow for more space whenever possible.


You should use the color version of the Primary and Secondary Trademarks on a white background whenever possible. The words “FLAGLER COLLEGE” are in gray and the Flagler shield is in crimson, gold, and gray. Situations may arise for the Primary and Secondary Trademarks to be used in different colors and backgrounds.


Depending on how they are used, the Primary and Secondary Trademarks may need to be reproduced in a number of sizes. However, they should never measure less than two inches in width to ensure legibility.


Our Primary Trademark is a very valuable asset of Flagler College and deserves to be treated with respect. When reproducing the Primary and Secondary Trademarks, use the appropriate master art files which are available through Flagler College. You should not alter the Primary or Secondary Trademarks in any manner, such as by changing the proportions and colors, other than as provided for herein.

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Official Color Palette


The color palette has been created to give the Flagler College trademarks a distinct appearance in the marketplace. Our primary brand colors are Flagler crimson, gold, and gray. Flagler crimson is the same color used in the Primary and Secondary Trademarks and is an important part of the Flagler signature. The color white and white space are also an important part of the Flagler College trademarks, as they enhance the visibility of the marks.

To understand how to use these colors, please consult the proportion chart. You should use the colors in their proper proportion. We lead the way with Flagler crimson and gold, which are complemented by Flagler gray. 


Use the correct color specifications for the chosen media as indicated above. Specifications are given for all key print and on-screen requirements. It is preferable to use the CMYK breakdowns by converting PANTONE colors to CMYK within any software such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign.

When using Flagler’s colors in process, spot or web applications, match colors to the appropriate values listed. When selecting paper, we generally recommend a bright-white premium sheet - either uncoated smooth or dull, coated stocks.

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Proportional Color Usage

The lion and the shield mark used with the proportional color system can generate a wide variety of looks while maintaining the unique character of the Flagler College marks.

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Acceptable Color Variations

As shown above, the Primary and Secondary Trademarks may be used on Flagler crimson, gold, or gray backgrounds, as well as on black and white backgrounds. Again, the preferred usage of the Primary and Secondary Trademarks is with a white background, and that version of the Primary and Secondary Trademarks should be used whenever possible. It is important to be consistent with the overall visual presentation and maintain sufficient contrast for good recognition and readability.

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Communications Color System

These three color families may be applied exclusively or in combination to all Flagler College collateral, informational, or marketing materials.

The Communications Color System provides a wide variety of color tonality, while limiting the chromatic range so that it is manageable and distinctive. The Marketing Color Palette is comprised of three color families, each capturing a unique personality and tonal profile: Drama, Elements and Neutrals.

Please refer to a Pantone Matching System swatch book for precise color references. When match colors are not available, then apply CMYK (four-color) equivalents. Please note that four-color screened equivalents, when compared to Pantone match options, will produce varied, imperfect results.

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Brand Architecture

Because Flagler College projects its identity to different audiences, our challenge is to maintain a consistent and harmonious relationship between each message and the Flagler College Primary Trademark. When denoting a Flagler College Department and Division, please follow the examples listed above and always use the Primary Trademark in conjunction with the Department and Division. You should also follow the same guidelines established for the use of the Primary Trademark with respect to the colors, proportions, and clear space around the Trademark.

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Typographic System

These fonts were chosen because they embody Flagler College’s image of focus and simplicity. Flagler College communicates with people and institutions that seek clear, integrated services. Not only do the words we use reflect Flagler College’s message, but so does their appearance. The typography is clear and readable, focusing attention on the content.

The Adobe typeface Trajan Pro Bold is - like the towers - sophisticated and timeless. And its letter forms have a visual quality which complements the shape of the Flagler logo. This typeface should be used for titles, headlines, sub-heads, or other highlighted elements but should not be used for body copy.

The Adobe typeface Georgia is an easily read serif typeface. Its letter forms have a visual quality which allow for easy and efficient readability. This typeface should be used for body copy.

The Adobe typeface Futura Medium is a classic sans serif typeface that can be used in a variety of ways - from titles to body copy. It offers an alternative look to the other serif typefaces in the typographic system for the College. This Policy and the typography within it serves as a guideline of how this typographic system should be applied to written materials and communications.

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Dos and Don'ts


When using the Flagler College marks, please follow these rules:

  • When printing three colors or more, DO keep the logo colors as indicated above.
  • Use only the logos provided on the Flagler College Network for identifying marks.
  • DON’T recreate the mark.
  • DON’T move the shield in relation to the text.
  • DON’T stretch or squish the type or logo mark.
  • DON’T alter the typeface in any way.
  • DON’T distort the shield.
  • DON’T change the font of the word mark.
  • DON’T use the lion alone without the shield.
  • DON’T put anything on top of the shield.

Colors and Contrasts

When using the Flagler College mark, please follow these rules:

  • When printing two colors or more, DO keep the mark colors as indicated above.
  • DON’T change the individual elements of the mark individually.
  • DON’T use unapproved colors for the mark.
  • DON’T change the word or design colors of the marks
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Special Note on the Use of the Image of Henry Flagler

Because Flagler College was established as a memorial to Henry M. Flagler, the College prohibits the use of Mr. Flagler’s image as a caricature, cartoon or any other visual presentation other than that which is respectful and commensurate with the dignity of the namesake of the College.

The College Seal

The College Seal pictured above should not be used as an identifying mark for the College. It should only be on official College documents such as diplomas, awards, certificates, and other documents designated by the President or Board of Trustees.

Flagler College Athletic Department's Mark

The Athletics Department at Flagler College’s marks are complementary to, but separate from, the Primary and Secondary Trademarks. The Athletics Department’s mark will use the same colors as the Primary and Secondary Trademarks, but the Primary and Secondary Trademarks should not be used by the Athletic Department.

Questions may be directed to John Jordan, Assistant Director of Athletics & Sports Communication: 904-819-6465,

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