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Processes and Forms

The Marketing and Communication Offices work with each department campus-wide to create or review their communication and marketing needs whether they are directed to students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni, or the community at large.

We are here to assist you with the creative development and production of brochures, flyers, videos, ad placements, or any marketing materials you may need. We also ensure all communication and PR represents the College authentically.

Our Process 

We have several forms that represent various ways we can help guide you through marketing and communication best practices. 

Communication Request Form 

This form will help you determine what you'd like to communicate and how. 

Communication Form

Marketing Materials Request Form 

Use this form to help customize and accommodate your marketing goals through differing marketing material options.

Marketing Materials Form

Press Release or Magazine Story Request Form

This form will help you share and release stories/media, as well as aid in the publishing process on altering platforms.

Press Release or Magazine Story Form

Photography Request Form

Use this form to organize your photographing needs, ranging from aesthetic, budget, and achieving your overall photography goal.

Photography Form

Video Request Form

This form will guide you through all your videography needs, such as establishing key takeaways and an overall goal for your video. 

Video Form

Approval Form 

Have you already designed a marketing piece, created your own video, or written a press release? Fill out this form and upload your document or video and someone from the Marketing and Communication Division will contact you with approval or edits. 

Approval Form