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Front of Ponce Hall from the southeast - taken on a sunny day.


 Gold lion crest on background of crimson. Text reads


Flagler College’s in-house marketing agency is on the prowl for interns to join our team of graphic designers, writers, videographers, photographers, editors, storytellers, web content creators, social media influencers and bloggers.

RAMPANT interns brainstorm and collaborate to create logos, ads, brochures, web content, blogs, social media posts for various departments across campus.

Learn to think, solve, and create, practice generating ideas across all media, collaborate as you hone your own skillsets, improve your presentation and writing skills, understand the new T-shaped roles in business, and learn to service clients as you build your portfolio and your brand.

Seven examples of graphics and print pieces created by Rampant team.

Contact Leticia Martin, Director Marketing and Communication: