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Digital Media Procedures

These Digital Media Procedures and Guidelines are designed to identify the boundaries within which students and employees must operate when posting or participating in digital media on behalf of Flagler College.

What is Digital Media?

Digital Media encompasses a wide range of online media platforms such as:

  • Mobile Apps
  • Virtual Reality
  • Blogs
  • Microblogs
  • Websites
  • Message boards
  • Social Media Channels
  • Individual pages on social channels (Facebook fan pages)
  • Professional networking sites (LinkedIn)
  • Media Repositories (YouTube)
  • Photo Sharing (Google Photo)

Official College channels will be governed by standards consistent with Flagler College's mission and institutional goals as well as applicable policies or handbooks.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Department of Marketing and Communication is responsible for the College's digital media presence. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • MyFlagler (Content only)
  • Official Flagler College social media channels and pages
  • Any website purchases
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • Social Media Council

Purchasing- Digital Media

The Department of Marketing and Communication will review and approve any request to purchase new Flagler College-related websites or digital campaigns. Once the request has been approved, the proposal will be presented to the Vice President of Business Services for financial approval. If you are interested in purchasing an official Flagler College third-party website (such as an official Flagler College Wordpress site), please email the Office of Web and New Media Services at

Technical Troubleshooting

  • The Web Development Manager will troubleshoot problems and oversee technical features and updates to and any other official Flagler College websites. If you experience any issues on our .edu website, please email
  • The Department of Technology Services will troubleshoot problems and oversee technical features and updates to MyFlagler. If you experience any issues on MyFlagler, please email

Social Media

The Digital Strategy team will oversee and monitor Flagler College’s digital media presence. This includes:

  • Starting a New Channel- Requests to start a new or take control of an Official College Channel. You can make a request to start a new channel or page by submitting the social media application:

Starting a New Channel Application

  • Training- Training for official Flagler College content contributors through the Social Media Council, or through meetings with the department.
  • Content/Post Concerns- The Office of Digital Strategy may monitor content on official Flagler College channels and websites for inappropriate content; however, posts and content are created throughout the day, and the office may not always be aware of such content until notified. Thus, individuals are encouraged to email the Office of Web and New Media Services if any concerns arise at

Channel Maintenance

  • The Office of Digital Strategy may request that a channel be removed if it is inactive or no longer serves Flagler College’s mission and institutional goals.
  • To request the removal of content that does not meet the definition of “inappropriate content” from Official College Channels, the Dean or Head of the particular department seeking to remove such content must advise the Office of Digital Strategy in writing of the specific content to be removed.

Individuals with questions or concerns regarding these Procedures and Guidelines should contact Holly Hill, Director of Digital Strategy,

Full Digital Media Guidelines and Procedures

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