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Front of Ponce Hall from the southeast - taken on a sunny day.

Who We Are

Holly Hill

Holly Hill

Director of Digital Strategy
Morgan Gallo

Morgan Gallo

Assistant Director of Digital Strategy
Mike Horn

Mike Horn

Front-end Development Manager

What We Do

We are responsible for creating and organizing content for the site. This includes designing and maintaining the site and providing assistance in navigation. In addition to the main site, we help with the design, layout, and maintenance of official Flagler College Wordpress sites such as the Gargoyle, and the Emergency site.

We manage and contribute content to the wide range of official Flagler College social media channels available for students and others to learn more about the school and happenings on campus. This includes promoting events on campus, publishing or sharing stories that enhance the image of the College, interacting with followers across all platforms, and creating posts that promote our community and the unique, historical richness of St. Augustine.

How We Work

The Office of Digital Strategy oversees the most prominent forms of digital marketing and content coordination for the college. We are committed to helping not only the general public get the information they need or answer their questions, but to assist students, faculty and staff with the development of department or club webpages and Wordpress sites. We also lead a talented team of students interested in furthering their careers in analytics, design, research, social media management, video, UX, and writing. 

Contact Us

Website and Social Media 

For web content and calendar updates or if you have a great social media idea email us at