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File Backup

Your hard drive can crash or die completely at any time. Always keep more than one copy of all your files. Even if you have a warranty, a warranty will not get your files back.

How to Make Backups

External hard drives are ideal for backup. Most external hard drives come with pre-installed, free backup software to make automatic backups. If you do not have or do not want to use external hard drive backup software, use Windows' or Mac's built-in automated backup, or use Google to help you find backup software to fit your needs. Additionally, consider making extra backups of old data (such as photos from years past or school work from previous semesters) onto DVDs as well. 

How to set up free automatic backup on Windows 7 or higher 

How to set up free automatic backup on a Mac

Server File Storage

All students and employees have storage space on our servers. Files stored on the servers are backed up automatically, so it is far safer to store your files on the server than storing only one copy on your own hard drive. 

More information on Server File Storage