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Anti-Virus for Macintosh

As Apple devices become more popular, writers of viruses, spyware, and malware will begin to target Macs more often. It is important to keep your computer protected, even if it is a Mac. Macs are not immune to malicious software.

While there are not many options for anti-virus programs for Mac, you should evaluate some and choose a program that fits your needs. Until Mac anti-virus software is more readily available and more rigorously tested, you can still take these steps to help protect your Mac:

  • Follow Intego's Mac Security Blog
  • Follow Flagler College Technology Services on Twitter and Facebook
  • Never open files that you do not know the origin of!
  • Avoid file-sharing programs for downloading files of unknown origin. Many of these files contain viruses.
  • Always update your Mac.
  • Keep your computer protected with a strong password.
  • In Safari, go to Safari > Preferences > General Tab. Ensure that "Open 'safe' files after download" is NOT SELECTED. Malware can mask itself as "safe" file types. The Safari default options are very unsecure.