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Internet Connectivity

Internet Connectivity on Campus

Wireless Internet access is available throughout the dormitories, Proctor Library, West Lawn, Kenan Plaza, the Rotunda and Mezzanine in Ponce de Leon Hall, the Ringhaver Student Center, and most other buildings. Dormitories have both wired Ethernet and wireless access to the Internet. You do not need an Internet service provider, such as, AT&T, or Comcast, to connect to the Flagler College network.

Wireless Network Names

The "FC-Campus" wireless network is the main wireless network on campus.
Any other wireless networks visible on campus are NOT managed by Flagler College. Do not connect to unknown wireless networks or your data may be compromised.

To connect to the wireless network in the dorms using a computer, phone, or tablet with a web browser:

  1. Ensure that your wireless card is turned on.
  2. Connect to the "FC-Campus" wireless network.
  3. Open your Internet browser and attempt to navigate to a page.
  4. You should see the wireless login page.
  5. Enter your Flagler College username and password to connect. You only need to log in once per year. Do not add to your username.

To connect to the wireless network in the dorms using a gaming console, wireless television, or other device lacking a web browser:

  1. Ensure that your device is not a wireless printer. Wireless printers will not work wirelessly at this time.
  2. Open this page from a computer and follow the instructions for finding your device's wireless MAC Address: Click here for help finding your MAC address
  3. On your computer, go to this page to register your device once per year: Register Your Device
  4. From your device, connect to the "FC-Campus" wireless network.
  5. Test your connection from your device and contact us if you have any trouble.

Dormitory Wireless & Ethernet

Access information specific to Internet connectivity in the dormitories.