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Employee Recognition Celebration 2020

What makes an institution a fantastic place to work- the people! Our employees are some of the most hard-working and dedicated individuals and it is with great honor that we celebrate their years of service. 


35-25 Years of Service

Congratulations to employees, Terry Bennett and Wade Spielman, on celebrating your significant years of service to Flagler College!

Wade Spielman

35 Years of Service

Terry Bennett

25 Years of Service


20-15 Years of Service

Tracy Halcomb

Tracy Halcomb

20 Years of Service, Professor of Communication & Internship Coordinator

"Tracy Halcomb has played a fundamental role in the Communication Department’s growth and development over the past two decades. Many students may fear her notoriously difficult Media Law exam, but they love her smart, common-sense approach and unflagging sense of humor. Colleagues respect her wisdom, experience, and strong sense of camaraderie. Congratulations to Dr. Halcomb, heart and soul of the Communication Department."

Tracey Eaton, Assistant Professor, Department Chair

Patrick Moser

20 Years of Service, Kenan Distinguished Professor of Art

"For twenty years, Professor Patrick Moser has inspired Flagler College students, asking them to wrestle with the conceptual and material boundaries of Fine Art. He has enhanced the Fine Art curriculum with new courses, such as Video Art, and created a transformational BFA degree in Fine Art. His professional practice is equally ambitious. Mining overheard snippets of casual conversation, puppetry, and experimental cinematography, Prof. Moser’s video and performance works are as comic and sardonic as they are praiseworthy. These video projects have been screened internationally, including at the FilmCrash Film Festival in Los Angeles, Madrid International Film Festival, London Experimental Film Festival, and Amsterdam Film Festival. His presence haunts all corners of the Molly Wiley Art Building, and we look forward to his future creative endeavors at Flagler College, including the upcoming international Finger Mullet Film Festival." 

Sara Pedigo, Chair of the Visual and Performing Arts Department 

Darrell Samples

20 Years of Service, Maintenance Supervisor for the St. Augustine Foundation

“Darrell Samples has been employed by the St. Augustine Foundation since November 2003 and is responsible for the overall maintenance of the eight buildings owned by the St. Augustine Foundation that are located on St. George Street.  Previously, he worked for Flagler College in the maintenance department for three years. Congratulations on 20 years of service, Darrell!" 

Joy MacMillian, Director of the Historic St. Augustine Research Institute 

Tamara Wilson

20 Years of Service, Associate Professor of English

"Dr. Tamara Wilson teaches two of the most popular courses in the English major: Shakespeare and Mythology. She also directs the department's work-study students. She is dedicated to the success of the major and our students."

Dr. Jim Wilson, Associate Professor

Cynthia Cannavo

Cindy Cannavo, Student Counselor and Analyst

15 Years of Service

"Cindy Cannavo is such a joy to work with. Her hard work and dedication to the Flagler Community is truly an example to all employees!" -Brittney Percival

Michael Chester

Michael Chester

15 Years of Service, Associate Professor- Business Department

"Mike is well-liked by everyone! He is one of the few that can deliver an Accounting subject that is both informative and interesting. Students often request of him he stay on at least until they graduate. As for me and my colleagues, we are looking forward to enjoying Mike’s company at Flagler College for at least another five years. Congrats Mike!"

Gary Hoover, Associate Professor, Department Chair

Belinda Fieldhouse

15 Years of Service, Associate Director of Financial Aid

"Belinda Fieldhouse began her Flagler College career in Academic Affairs and later moved to the Financial Aid team, where we are grateful for her creativity, her problem-solving skills, and her excellent work ethic."  

Sheia Pleasant-Doine, Director of Financial Aid 

Mike Horn

Mike Horn

15 Years of Service, Web Development Manager

"I have always loved the marketing and communication industry, but I fell in love with it because I've had a chance to work with Mike Horn. He has influenced so much of my professional life, his teammate's lives, but also the lives of the students who report to him. He is a true leader, a creative problem solver, hard-working, and diligent in his pursuit of developing the best digital experience on our website. He also makes it fun while doing it!"

Holly Hill, Director of Digital Strategy

Nancy Jaynes

Nancy Jaynes

15 Years of Service, Senior Financial Aid Counselor

"During her 15 years as a valued member of the Financial Aid team, Nancy Jaynes has proven herself time and again to be student-focused, hard-working, and unfailingly dependable."

Sheia Pleasant-Doine, Director of Financial Aid

John Jordan

15 Years of Service, Assistant Director of Athletics & Sports Communication

"As one of the longest-tenured members of the Department of Athletics, John Jordan has been a part of some of the greatest moments in the history of Flagler College sports. The first sports information and athletics communications professional in the College’s history, John set the standard for athletics coverage, and his commitment to telling the story of Flagler College Athletics will be forever appreciated and remembered!" 

Matt Green, Senior Associate Director of Athletics & Internal Operations

Sarah Miller

15 Years of Service, Florida Public Archaeology Network Northeast & East Central Region Director

“Sarah has done an excellent job building the public archaeology program from the ground up. She came to Flagler tasked with developing a program for the Northeast and that has subsequently grown to include North Central. Her leadership and passion for archaeology education are unmatched. We are extremely lucky to have Sarah on our campus.”

Laura Stevenson, Assistant to the President and Secretary to the Board of Trustees

Leslie Robison

Leslie Robison

15 Years of Service, Kenan Distinguished Associate Professor of Liberal Education in Art

"During her fifteen-year tenure at Flagler College, Professor Leslie Robison’s transformative curriculum has knit together an array of strategies and processes that have had a lasting significance on our Fine Art students. Challenging the institutional and disciplinary limits of Fine Art, Prof. Robison has consistently engaged students in transformative learning, from staging public interventions to collaborating with incarcerated youth. Honing the power of art with humor, wit, and intellectual rigor, Prof. Robison’s practice has likewise inspired college-wide progress, as in her leadership on the Quality Enhancement Plan and FlagSHIP. She is an invaluable resource to the college as well as a highly respected artist, with several recent solo exhibitions, including: A Soft Insurrection at the Dayton Society of Artist in Dayton, Ohio, The Language of Endowment at 621 Gallery in Tallahassee, Florida, and Becoming Monumental at TAD Gallery in Denton, Texas. Our department offers special thanks for everything you have contributed, and especially your enduring influence on Fine Art at Flagler College."

Sara Pedigo, Chair of the Visual and Performing Arts Department 

JT Salce

15 Years of Service, Maintenance Manager

"JT is a hard working down to earth person. He is the type of person that will do anything he can to help you if you're in need. Congratulations JT!"

AJ Wetherington, Supervisor of Maintenance

Dr. Emily Splane

Emily Splane

15 Years of Service, Associate Professor of Psychology

"Dr. Emily Splane has been an integral member of the Behavioral Sciences Department for 15 years. Her dedication to teaching along with her professional activities supporting the advancement of undergraduate learning is admirable. She embodies the true spirit of the teacher-scholar."

Angi Semegon, Associate Professor of Psychology, Department Chair of Behavioral Sciences, Co-Chair Institutional Review Board

Adam Vargas

15 Years of Service, Supervisor of Custodial Services

"Adam Vargas manages the largest group of people in our department. Always smiling, great sense of humor, fun to be around."

Vic Cheney, Superintendent of Physical Plant and Grounds