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Withdrawal Adjustments

Charge Adjustments

If you do not attend classes, withdraw from school during the fall or spring semester, or are administratively withdrawn, you may be entitled to a total or partial refund of charges paid to Flagler College. When a refund is made, it is likely that your financial aid will be affected.

Charge Adjustments due to Failure to Attend or Withdrawal

This type of withdrawal and charge adjustment applies for the following reasons:

  • if you did not begin attending class
  • if you began attending classes and subsequently withdrew

You may be entitled to an adjustment of some or all the charges paid for that semester. The decision is based on a specific date as determined by Flagler College. If you do not begin attending classes, if you voluntarily withdraw or are administratively withdrawn, the last day you attended a class or classes will be the determining factor. For further information, you can contact Student Accounts at

There are two basic considerations involved when you do not enroll or withdraw.

  1. How will your various charges be handled?
  2. If you have financial aid, how is the financial aid handled?

We will explain both considerations in the subsequent sections.

Based on the following adjustments, your student account may reflect a credit available for refund or an additional amount may be owed to Flagler College.

How do I calculate Charge Adjustments?

Tuition Charges

2018-2019 Information

  • 100% adjustment for a written request received by the Office of Business Services and the Office of the Registrar by the add/drop deadline for the fall and spring semesters.
  • 50% adjustment for a written request received by the Office of Business Services and Office of the Registrar from the day after the add/drop period through the end of the *31st calendar day of the semester for both the fall and spring semesters.
  • 25% adjustment for a written request received by the Office of Business Services and the Office of the Registrar from the *32nd calendar day through the 59th calendar day of the semester.
  • No adjustment will be made to the tuition charges if a student is involuntarily terminated from the College.
  • No adjustment will be made for withdrawal after the 59th calendar day for both the fall and spring semesters.
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Room Charges
  • Room deposit will be forfeited if student leaves prior to drop/add
  • If a written request is received by the Office of Business Services and the Office of the Registrar by the drop/add deadline for the fall and spring semesters, the advance Deposit will be forfeited and the student will be charged a daily rate up to the date of withdrawal. The daily rate will be based on students’ current room charge.
  • No adjustment will be made for withdrawal after the drop/add period for the fall and spring semester
  • No adjustment will be made to the room charges if a student is involuntarily terminated from the College.
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Meal Charge
  • 100% adjustment for a written request received by the Office of Business Services and Office of the Registrar prior to moving in for the fall and spring semesters
  • Once the Dining Hall is open for the student, meal charges will be assessed on the basis of the number of days the Dining Hall was open, with the determining factor being the official date of withdrawal. In addition, a $100 meal administrative fee will be charged. The balance of the charges will be adjusted
  • No adjustment will be made to the meal charges if a student is involuntarily terminated from the College.
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Student Health Insurance
  • No adjustment will be made after August 1st for International Student Athlete Health Insurance.
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Miscellaneous Charges
  • Administrative Fee: A fee of $100 will be charged for each withdrawal
  • Application Fee: This fee is paid as part of the admissions process and it is not refundable
  • Advance Deposit: All new and returning boarding students planning to enroll in the fall/spring semester are required to make an advance deposit as confirmation of their intention to enroll that semester. This payment is non-refundable, and it is applied to the student's tuition for the spring semester. A student who is enrolled in the fall semester and does not complete the semester forfeits this payment. A student planning to enter in the spring semester is required to make an advance deposit. This payment is non-refundable if the student does not enroll or if the student enrolls and subsequently withdraws
  • Activity Fee is non-refundable.
  • Special Fees: These fees are listed in the Catalog and under "Tuition and Fees." Once assessed, none of these fees are refundable
  • Fines: Any fine incurred by a student is not refundable
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Summer School Adjustments

Tuition payments for the summer term are only refundable if a course is cancelled. Immediately following the deadline date for payment of courses, the Final Class Schedule showing courses to be offered will be issued. If you are registered for a course and if a course is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, you may select another course or you may receive a refund. Any open balance due to the College must be paid prior to the student registering for summer school. Tuition charges for summer classes must be paid or covered by approved financial aid prior to final registration. Summer term tuition rates apply to Faculty led summer study abroad programs.

Financial Aid Adjustments

If you do not begin attending classes, you are not eligible for any type of financial aid. Additionally, if you withdraw before the end of the add/drop period, you are not eligible for any type of aid sponsored by the State of Florida. In either case, each item of financial aid will be cancelled and returned to the source.

If you begin the semester as a full-time student and reduce your academic hours to part-time status (lower than 12 credit hours per semester), you will not be entitled to any tuition refund. It is also important to be aware that changing from full-time to part-time enrollment might jeopardize your financial aid awards.

If you attend and subsequently withdraw, your financial aid is subject to adjustment depending on the withdrawal date and type of aid.

In these circumstances, the adjustment involves determining how much of your financial aid was "earned" versus how much was "unearned"

Earned Financial Aid

  • Will be retained in your account and applied to student charges
  • If earned aid exceeds your adjusted charges, it can be retained by the student for other educational expenses
  • There may also be instances of withdrawal when the amount of earned aid will be disproportionately lower to the adjusted charges than the original amount of aid was to the original charges. In such instances, you will be required to make payment using personal funds.

Unearned Financial Aid

  • Will be withdrawn from your account and returned to the source

Occasionally, before withdrawal, you may have received a refund from the Business Office because payments and financial aid in total exceeded the charges assessed, but upon withdrawing, you will have to repay some or all of these funds.

Other Financial Aid Adjustments

Below you will find information on how each major source of financial aid will be handled if you withdraw.

Federal Aid

Federal Aid encompasses the following:

  • Subsidized Direct loan
  • Unsubsidized Direct loan
  • Perkins Loan
  • Parent Loan (PLUS)
  • Pell Grant
  • Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

If you withdraw during the first 60 calendar days of a regular semester or 28 days during a summer term, your federal aid will be adjusted based on the amount of time you were enrolled.

The amount of federal aid you "earn" is directly proportional to the percentage of time enrolled.

Below are two examples:

  • A student with $5,000 of federal aid withdrawing on the 30th day of a 100-day semester will have "earned" 30% ($1,500.00) of his/her federal aid.
  • A student with $3,000 in of federal aid who withdraws on the 19th day of a 47 day summer term will have "earned" 40% ($1,200.00) of his/her federal aid

There is no adjustment of federal aid after 60 calendar days during fall/spring semesters or after t8 calendar days in the summer term

What Happens to the Aid?

  • "Unearned" federal aid will be returned to the source using the following distribution priority: Unsubsidized Direct Loan, Subsidized Direct Loan, Perkins Loan, Parent Loan (PLUS), Pell Grant, and Supplemental Educational Opportunity (SEOG)

Below is an example:

  • A student as $5,00 of federal aid consisting of a $2,500 Subsidized Stafford Loan, $1,500 Pell Grant, and a $1,000 SEOG . The student "earns" 30% ($1,500) with 70% ($3,500) "unearned." Using the prescribed distribution, the Subsidized Direct Loan of $2,500 would be returned and then $1,000 of the Pell Grant would be returned

Flagler will return "unearned" federal financial aid funds as determined by a Federal Refund Calculation Worksheet. If you received a refund which includes "unearned" federal financial aid, you may be responsible for the return to this earned aid.

  • If loan funds are involved in this instance, you may repay these funds to the lender in accordance with the original terms of the loan contractor
  • If the Pell Grant of SEOG is involved, you must make a cash payment to the College. In turn, the College would return the money to the source or make a satisfactory repayment agreement with the U.S. Department of Education. It should be noted that the U.S. Department of Education only requires students to repay 50% of the "unearned" portion of the Pell Grant and the SEOG due from the student.
  • Flagler will notify you of any "unearned" federal aid you are responsible for paying
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State of Florida Aid

This category includes all grants and scholarships administered and/or sponsored by the State of Florida

  • You are not eligible for Florida-sponsored aid if you withdraw before the end of the add/drop period. For each semester, add/drop ends on the 9th calendar day. For summer semester, add/drop ends on the 3rd day
  • If you withdraw before the add/drop period, you will not see an adjustment in your state aid
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Flagler College Aid

Lewis-Wiley Scholars Scholarship

Two awards are given annually to high school seniors who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievement and leadership. The awards are based on merit without regard to financial need. The funds for the Lewis-Wiley Scholar Awards are provided by a private trust established by Mr. Lawrence Lewis, Jr., and his sister Mrs. James L. Wiley.

Athletic Scholarships

The Director of Intercollegiate Athletics will make a determination as to the amount, if any, of the scholarship will be adjusted to the student account.

Resident Advisor Grant

The amount of eligibility will be in direct proportion to the number or days served. For example, a student receiving a $1,200 Resident Advisor Grant who serves 40% of the semester will be allowed to retain $480 of the grant. The Dean of Student Services is responsible for making the final determination of the amount.

Employee Tuition Grant

The Vice President of Business Services, in consultation with the President, will make a determination of eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

Tuition Exchange Grant

Since the Tuition Exchange Grant covers the full cost of tuition, the amount of the grant that is "earned" will be directly proportional to the amount of the student's adjusted tuition charges/

All other Flagler College aid will be handled on the same basis as federal funds. This aid includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Need-based grants
  • Memorial scholarships
  • Presidential Grant
  • Young Life Grant
  • President's Council Grant
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Grants from Other States, Private Source Scholarships and Loans

These items of aid will be handled in accordance with the policy of the sponsoring organization. If the organization lacks specific guidance, the following applies:

  • If you do not begin attending classes, the scholarship or loan will be cancelled
  • If you begin attending classes and withdraw, you will be allowed to retain the full amount of the scholarship or loan for the semester
  • If there is any question as to the intent of the sponsoring organization, Flagler will contact the organization for guidance
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