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Tuition Cost & Due Dates

Students view and may pay their bills through their online Payment site by logging into the MyFlagler website and continue to follow the instructions under Payment Information.


2020 – 2021 Academic Year

Cost of Attendance Before AidSemesterYear
Tuition * $9,970 $19,940
Room  ** $3,275 $6,550
Meal Plan (Full) $2,995 $5,990
Mandatory Activity Fee $50 $100
Total Costs $16,290 $32,580

2021 – 2022 Academic Year

Cost of Attendance Before AidSemesterYear
Tuition * $10,270 $20,540
Room  ** $3,415 $6,830
Meal Plan (Full) $3,120 $6,240
Mandatory Activity Fee $50 $100
High Impact Fee (Freshman and Sophomores Only) $250 $500
Orientation Fee (all new incoming students)   $100
Total Costs $17,105 $34,310

*Tuition covers full-time enrollment, which is 12 to 19 credit hours per semester.

** Additional residential room costs may vary depending on your housing assignment. For a full list of costs, please visit residence hall costs.


Additional Tuition Information

Tuition per Credit Hour

  • Part-time student $702
  • Audit (Non-degree student) $431
  • Flagler graduate $431
  • More than 19 credit hours per semester $702
  • Summer 2021 per hour $531

Tuition covers full-time enrollment (12 to 19 credit hours per semester). Students enrolled in more than 19 credit hours a semester will be charged an additional $702 per credit hour. Students who enroll full-time and subsequently reduce to part-time status (11 credit hours or less) during the semester will not be entitled to any tuition refund and may jeopardize financial aid awards. All students are considered full-time unless pre-approved by the Registrar’s Office as a part-time student.

Tuition Insurance 

Take care of your financial investment and ensure coverage if your student has to withdraw due to a documented medical or mental health issue.  You cannot predict the future, but you can certainly help protect it. To learn more about the Tuition Refund Insurance program, please go to the following link and enter your school name:

Residence General Information

When you enroll for the fall semester and complete the Housing Contract Agreement, you are obligated for the full academic year. If you enroll in January, you will have a housing contract for the spring term only. The non-refundable housing deposit will be applied as a credit on the spring statement, against the Residence charge.

Dining Hall General Information

New and incoming transfer students will be required to live on campus and purchase the full meal plan for their first academic school year.

Returning boarding and non-boarding students may select from the three meal plan options offered by the college. Selections must be made and submitted to Student Services by April 26. If returning boarding students fail to make a selection by April 26, the full meal plan will be charged.

For detailed costs for Resident halls and Meal Plans, please visit Residence Life Costs.

Health Insurance Mandatory Coverage

All full-time undergraduate students enrolled for 12 or more credits, including international students, are required to have adequate health insurance coverage while attending the College. Flagler College will charge all students an initial health insurance fee in the first semester of attendance. Students will be expected to provide adequate proof of alternate coverage to waive the required fee. Currently, the annual cost of Flagler-provided student health insurance is estimated at $1,678 and will be charged in full for the first semester of attendance. The fee is non-refundable once coverage is established. The coverage renews annually, and the fee is due and payable each fall semester unless evidence of alternate coverage is provided. For proof of alternate coverage, all insurance companies must be chartered in the United States.

For information regarding special fees, please visit Cost Details.

Important Dates

July 9 Fall Statements are viewable online
July 15 Fall 5-month online auto-payment plan enrollment begins
November 16 Spring Statements are viewable online
December 15 Spring 5-month online auto-payment plan enrollment begins