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Cost Details

Special Fees

During your Flagler experience, a limited number of fees may be charged to your account. However, not all fees are necessarily applicable to your experience. Added costs are assessed and payable upon receipt.

Activity Fee

A mandatory activity fee of $100 a year on all student accounts.

Orientation Fee 

This one-time, mandatory, non-refundable $100 fee covers special services and programs for new students, including fall and spring welcoming activities, information packets, and other materials provided to new students.

Education Fees

  • Application Fee $50
  • Internship (Education majors in Florida) $300
  • Internship (Education majors out-of-state) Varies
  • Internship $50
  • Lab Fees $25
  • Lab Fees (Graphic Design—varies by course) $30--$100
  • Study abroad fee (when not led by Flagler Faculty) $160
  • Independent Study Fee $50
  • Graduation Fee $100

Transcript Fees

  • Transcript Fee $5
  • Instant Transcript Fee $10

For a full list of potential special fees, please visit our course catalog.