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Refund Procedures

How do I request a refund?

Flagler College uses CashNet, a service that allows you to get your Refund Selection directly delivered to your chosen bank account. The fastest and safest way to choose your refund is to select a direct deposit and provide your bank routing number and personal checking account number. Entering incorrect account information or failing to enroll in the eRefund process will delay the receipt of funds. The refund selection is not only for financial aid disbursements- If you are a new or returning student you are REQUIRED to complete the eRefund enrollment process to ensure the quick release of any excess funds you are eligible to receive.

If you do not provide this information, a paper check is processed and mailed to the home of the legal address on file with the Office of the Registrar. It is crucial your current address is up to date. Paper checks are NOT available for distribution through the Office of Student Accounts.

How to Proceed with your Refund Selection

  • Log on to and enter your Flagler College email username and password
  • Click on the green “Students Pay Here” button (NOTE: Enrollment is available only through the student login. Authorized payers DO NOT have viewing or editing access to this information.)
  • On the left side of the Payment site, under eRefund—Click here to enroll in eRefund.
  • Complete the initial sign up and continue to follow the prompts.

Once enrollment is completed, a confirmation email will be sent to your Flagler email. Return to the website if you do not receive the confirmation email. If you wish to make any changes, return to the Payment site and click on “Edit” in the eRefund section. 

Any further questions regarding the NEW REFUND process, contact