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Holds & Late Fees

Total account balances are due for the semester by the scheduled dates listed below. Students who do not pay the total account balance OR enroll in the online payment plan by the final due date will be accessed a $250.00 late payment fee. A student account hold will be placed on their account (see below for detailed descriptions for holds). If you would like to explore your financial aid options, our experienced Financial Aid team is ready to assist you. Contact the Financial Aid Office to find out more about scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study opportunities that may assist you with financing your degree. 

AUGUST 1: FALL BALANCES DUE (due to COVID, late fees will not be assessed until after Aug 15th )



This hold is applied to all accounts with a remaining account balance following each semester deadline.  This hold will prevent students from registering, changing schedules, release of their diploma and receiving official transcripts.

If a student has any questions regarding their account hold, they may contact


This hold is applied to all student accounts with an outstanding balance.  This is only a warning that will continue to allow a student to register or change their schedules.