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Billing and Payment

What We Do

Student Accounts bills and collects tuition, fees, campus housing, and other college related charges. Student Accounts also processes and disburses all federal and campus-based funds to students' accounts and refunds any overpayments on students' accounts. Student Accounts is committed to providing you support in meeting your financial obligations at Flagler College while serving in an environment of equality, responsibility, and dignity. To best assist you we strive to provide exceptional customer service in making the student billing and payment process as accurate, accessible and seamless as possible. Our staff is available to provide assistance by email, phone, and in-person during normal business hours.

Payment Policy

Payment Due Dates 

Fall Semester August 1
Spring Semester  December 1

If your payment arrives after the above dates, you will be subject to a $250 late fee.

There will be a $50 fee for any returned checks, also including e-checks that do not electronically match and stop payments.

Forms of Payment Accepted

The college accepts payments via American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover Card through the online web link. There is a 2.75% transaction fee for all payments made by credit cards. E-Check payments can be made at no charge.

Note: Failure to meet your financial obligations in a reasonable manner can result in the cancellation of your enrollment. If you have balances on your financial account you will not receive a diploma or be issued a transcript.

Billing Procedures

Each semester you will receive a one-time mailed statement to your legal address on file. You can expect to see this letter in the mail before the August and December due dates.

Grants and Loans

Invoices may not reflect credit for all financial aid grants or student loans. If you do not see an award that you feel you are eligible for, please contact the Financial Aid Office at, or check your message tab in the financial aid section of the student portal.

The College does not usually receive grant and loan money by the payment due dates. Grant and loan money may not be dispersed until late in the semester. As long as a letter of guarantee is on file (issued from the Office of Financial Aid), the College will wait to apply the grant/loan money to meet amounts owed.

Advance Deposit for Housing

Are you a new or returning student who would like to live on campus? If so, please make sure you have the following completed:

  • Signed housing contract through Residence Life
  • Submit a non-refundable advanced deposit. This notifies the College that you will be attending Flagler in the fall or spring. The deposit will be applied to your student housing charges.

Advanced Deposit Due Dates

  • May 1st for Fall semester
  • December 1st for Spring semester

Housing Contracts

Housing contracts for returning students are due within 8 days after the end of Housing Week. Housing Week will take place on dates specified by Residence Life in the spring semester.

The College has limited housing for returning students and will only give out housing contracts based on available space. Housing for returning students is on a first-come, first-served basis, with a signed and approved housing contract on file with the Office of Student Services. Advance deposits for non-boarding students are later credited towards your spring statement.

If you are not returning for the spring semester or you are withdrawing before the semester ends, you will lose your advanced deposit.

Financial Aid Refunds

How it works

If you receive financial aid that is more than the cost of tuition and fees, you will receive the difference in the form of an electronic refund. Refunds are only processed after the College has received your financial aid and the debt to the College is fully paid. Processing eRefunds will begin after the last days of add/drop.

Keep in Mind

Since add/drop is after the start of the semester, please make sure you have enough funds to cover books and living expenses.

Tuition Payment Plan

Enroll in a tuition payment plan to pay your tuition in more manageable installments.

We have plans for you!Student Account Brochure

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We are happy to help! Our office is open Monday - Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.. You can contact us by calling (904) 819-6230 or via email: