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At the beginning of each Fall, Spring, and Summer semester, each student is given a new $50.00 balance in print credits.

Each time you print, the cost of your print job will be automatically deducted from your balance. Whether you print from a PC or from a Mac, the same balance will be used.

  • Black and white prints cost $0.10
  • Color prints cost $0.50.

If you purchase additional print credits, those credits will roll over each semester so you won't lose your money. The free print credits you are given at the beginning of the semester do not roll over.

WE RECYCLE! If you print something that you no longer need, or if you find loose paper in the labs, please deposit this paper into one of the recycling bins by the printers.

Buy More Print Credits (Requires a credit card)

WebPrint (Printing to a campus printer from your personal computer or mobile device)

How to print in color

How to print on special paper (such as transparencies, labels, vellum, etc.)

Contact us immediately if you experience any issues with printing.

Contact Us

Phone: (904) 819-6293 | Location: Proctor Library, Room 360