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Office of Business Services

Business Services is the Operational Division of Flagler College. 

Accounting and Finance, the Bursar's Office, Payroll, the Parking Office, Facilities Management, Risk Management, Campus Planning, Space Management, Purchasing, and Auxiliaries, are administered by the Business Services Office.


Services and Information

Student Accounts

Read about our payment policies and billing procedures to help guide you through our billing and fees process.

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Facilities Management

The Facilities Management Department helps maintain, operate and enhance the physical facilities of the College.

Parking garage on campus

Parking Information

The Office of Business Services in coordination with the Office of Safety and Security enforces and sets the campus parking policy and regulations.

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Campus Services

Campus Services include a diverse array of non-academic campus services that students need and value. Campus services at Flagler College are composed of dining services, bookstore, mail services, card services, and facility rentals for conferences, camps, and weddings.

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Finance and Payroll

Here you will find information about finance and payroll at Flagler College.

Reports and Financials

As a nonprofit institute of Higher Education, Flagler College shares reports and financial information publicly.

Business Operations



Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) are designed to protect cardholder data in order for Flagler College to receive payments through credit card transactions. The Business Services Office ensures that all university faculty, staff, and/or students involved in receiving payment through credit cards satisfy PCI-DSS requirements including completion of annual security awareness.

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Business Services reviews all contractual agreements enetered into by Flagler College to transfer risk and liability exposures and ensure that insurance requirements are appropriate.

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Payment Processes

To process incoming or outgoing payments please use the following forms:

Billing & Payment

Cash/Check Deposit Form

Wire Request Form


Requisition Form


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Risk Management

The role of Risk Management is to make and implement decisions that will minimize the adverse effects of risk to the College. Responsibilities include:

  • Assessment and mitigation of strategic, compliance, reputational, financial, and operational risk with human, asset, and mission impact.
  • Identification and mitigation of liability exposure.
  • Review of contractual agreements to transfer risk and liability exposures and ensure that insurance requirements are appropriate.
  • Management of claims against the College involving bodily injury, property damage, automobile, and other types of losses.
  • Administer and management of the College's Liability, Property, student health, and other programs through insurance and self-insurance programs.

Risk Management also works very closely with campus organizations and departments involving the student and academic programs, study abroad and international programs, travel-related matters, motor vehicle record checks for employees and students, certificates of insurance, and use of facilities.

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Space Management

Flagler College must effectively allocate and utilize its facilities in order to meet campus-wide priorities and ensure the availability of appropriate space to enhance the education of its students, in and out of the classroom. Facilities are a College resource and are intended to support continuing programs of instruction and service to all enrolled students, faculty, and staff.

All space on campus may be used only for approved academic, athletic, administrative, or student-related activities, or for College approved special events. Facility usage and space planning assume a flexible allocation of space with the ability to increase or decrease resources as needs change.

The Office of Business Services is the administrative unit responsible for the ongoing planning and management of all campus space. All room scheduling for academic classes is to be done by the Registrar. All room scheduling for non-academic classes shall be done through Ad Astra and The Hammock calendar systems.

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We are happy to help! Our office is located on the third floor of the Lightner Building at 75 King St. and is open Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. You can contact us by calling (904) 819-6230 or via email:

Business Services