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Major Field Test

The Major Field Test assists Flagler College in examining the success of its programs and making changes to improve in the future.

Students will be notified of the time and location of their Major Field Test via email from The test takes a maximum of 2 hours to complete, depending on the subject area. Students enrolled in more than one of the courses outlined below will choose which test to take, unless otherwise instructed by their department chair.

  • Criminology (CRM 470)
  • Economics (ECO 470)
  • English/Literature (ENG 470)
  • Political Science (POL 470)
  • Psychology (PSY 470)

To view more information and sample tests, please visit:

Core Skills Assessment

Flagler College utilizes the HEIghten Outcomes Assessment, published by the Educational Testing Service (ETS). At the beginning of the fall semester, new freshmen take the Core Skills Assessment in conjunction with their First Year Seminar class. Second-year sophomores (and higher classmen) who entered Flagler College as new freshmen will take the Core Skills assessment near the end of the spring semester. Students who entered Flagler College with an AA degree will not take the Core Skills Assessment either semester. Results from the Core Skills Assessment are used to improve Flagler College’s General Education Program and courses that teach the above skills. After the assessment, students will receive their individual score by email for use on resumes, internship applications, etc.

Each student is assessed in one of the following areas: 

Click each link above to view more information and sample tests.

Students who are registered with the Office of Disability Services for extra time on tests are encouraged to email to ensure appropriate accommodations are made.