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Student Success

The mission of Flagler College is to educate and prepare students for productive careers, graduate and professional studies, and informed responsible citizenship.” Flagler "promotes intellectual and personal growth and provides a high-quality education in a caring, supportive environment."  As a high-touch institution, Flagler believes the sense of community provided leads to higher levels of student success. Accordingly, the Cabinet has selected the following measures for student success: Participation in High Impact Practices, Retention Rates, 6-year Graduation Rates, and Career Outcome Rates

High Impact Practices

Flagler College monitors student participation in High Impact Practices through the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).  Our goal is to be at or above our peers for each activity and on "at least one experience" and "two or more experiences."  Data from Spring 2015 shows that Flagler students are more likely than our comparison groups to participate in Learning Communities, Service Learning, and a Culminating Senior Experience.  Flagler students are less likely than Southeast Privates to participate in Study Abroad or Research with a Faculty member. Finally, Flagler students are more likely than those at Southeast Privates to have at least one HIP and to have 2 or more HIP. 

Retention and Graduation Rates 

Flagler College monitors student retention and graduation rates as part of its ongoing planning processes and as part of its enrollment management program.  An infographic showcases these data for the public.  Fall to fall retention of first time, full-time freshmen is a key benchmark in the strategic plan.  Retention rates are shown in the infographic, alongside comparison groups from Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) and Flagler's Peer group. 

Flagler College Graduation Rates are also closely tracked.  Flagler has identified the IPEDS 6 year graduation rate as our metric for SACSCOC graduation rate review.  As you can see from the infographic, Flagler's 6-year graduation rates are higher than our comparison groups and for most years meets our target of 60%.   

Career Outcome Rates

Flagler College's Career Development Center surveys recent graduates at graduation, at three-months-out and at six-months-out using a measure based on the First Destination Survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).  NACE defines Career Outcomes as the percent of graduates who are employed, in graduate school, in the military or in a service role such as Peace Corps.  Flagler’s goal is to have a 90% career outcomes rate, with 70% employed and 20% involved in continuing education. 

Student Achievement 

 Student Achievement Infographic

Student Achievement Infographic 

NSSE Results 

NSSE Spring 2015 Results