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Ponce de Leon Hall and Towers

Competitive Fellowship Program

Flagler College’s competitive fellowship program connects students and recent alumni to an array of prestigious and world-renowned fellowships and scholarships.

We aim to advise, support, and encourage students from start to finish. We provide information sessions, one-on-one advising, workshops, and assistance with nomination and committee selection. 

Who can apply? 

Every fellowship is unique; however, there are opportunities for all disciplines starting as early as freshman year. Students are encouraged to begin exploring opportunities early in their first or second year at Flagler.

Why should you apply? 

The act of applying for a scholarship or fellowship can help clarify your long-term goals and aspirations. Even if you are unsure of your goals, pursue a fellowship. The process can lend itself to contemplative reflection, forcing the applicant to sit down and write about what they wish to do and why.

Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities

Current Undergraduate Students 

Short-Term Postgraduate 

Graduate School 



Before you start applying for a fellowship or scholarship, be sure to review the resources that are available to you.

Application Process Resources


If you have any questions about the Competitive Fellowship Program at Flagler College, please contact Alex Banks at 904-826-8680 or via email.