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Application Process Resources

Review the timeline and checklist below for some guidelines to follow when applying for a competitive fellowship. 


1. Talk to the Campus Advisor 2. Create a Research Dossier 3. Complete the Application 4. Campus Committee Recommendation

5. Turn in everything by deadline and wait

  • Find a fellowship that fit your interest and goals
  • Learn about strategies for successful applications
  • Look at sample applications and past applicant essays
  • Research past winners. What are common characteristics?
  • Use checklist to organize materials and dates
  • Assess your interest level and fit before continuing 
  • Write essays, get feedback, revise, and repeat
  • Use on-campus resources for essay revision
  • Ask for recommendations in advance
  • Request transcripts
  • Fill out actual application
  • Update resume
  • Ask your fellowship advisor about this process
  • You will need to pick what faculty members you want as committee members
  • It is important to be endorsed by Flagler
  • Campus deadlines are before national deadline
  • Deadlines change each year
  • Notify recommenders of the deadline
  • Note if hard copy is needed. Some applications cannot be submitted electronically
  • Once submitted await notification of status
  • Expect to wait 3-6 months 
  • Have a fallback plan
3-6 months before application is due 3 months before application is due Start at least 2 months before deadline 1 Month before application is due Deadlines are FIRM. Get your app in early. Good Luck!


Fill out this checklist to keep you on track throughout the application process. 

Fellowship and Scholarship Checklist