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female student posing with her parents during Saints Weekend

Parents & Families

Begin Your Journey Together

Welcome to Flagler, this college experience is as much of a new endeavor for you as your student. This is your go-to page for all materials and resources needed to ensure that both you and your student are continually supported.


Parent and Family Resources

Academic Calendar Icon

Academic Calendar

Get a glimpse into what’s happening throughout the Spring and Fall Semesters on our campus.

Family Resources Icon

Family Resources

Locate anything else you or your student may need during this time, including Health Services, Financial Aid, Payment Portal, Campus Essentials, and Merchandise.

Flagler Family Portal Icon

Flagler Family Portal

Stay updated and connected with a personalized feed catered to you of campus activities, important events, and unique initiatives occurring at Flagler.

Parents Leadership Council Icon

Parents Leadership Council

Work with fellow Flagler families through collaborative events, hosting fundraisers, and being an ambassador for the college.

Saints Weekend Icon

Saints Weekend

During our annual Saints Weekend, parents and families get to join their students to experience all that Flagler has to offer.

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We are here to help. Visit our Contact Us page for a list of offices and their contact information.

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