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2007: Plantation Life in Colonial Florida

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Speaker Series - 2007

Plantation Life in Colonial Florida

Historical and archaeological insights into slavery and plantation life in the St. Augustine vicinity at the turn of the nineteenth century.

Prince Whidden: Slave and Soldier

March 21, Dr. Jane Landers, Associate Professor of History, Vanderbilt University and author of . Black Society in Spanish Florida, tells the story of Prince Whidden, a remarkable African-American resident of St. Augustine.

Slave Life at the Kingsley Plantation: Archaeology at the Kingsley Slave Cabins

March 28, Dr. Jim Davidson, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Florida and author of Rituals Captured in Context and Time: Charm Use in North Dallas Freedmans Town- Historical Archaeology, discusses the results from his recent excavations at the Zephaniah Kingsley Plantation slave cabins, in the context of the archaeology of African American life.

Excavations at Mala Compra: General Joseph Hernandez' St. Augustine Plantation

April 4, Dr. Greg Smith, Archaeologist, New South Associates and co-author of Approaches to the Historical Archaeology of Mexico, Central & South America, illustrates and discusses the archaeological excavation of the Mala Compra plantation, owned by a second Spanish period general and Mayor of St. Augustine.