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2003: Our Architectural Heritage

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Speaker Series - 2003

Our Architectural Heritage

Three experts consider cultural and historical aspects of historic architecture in St. Augustine

Florida's Colonial Architectural Heritage

April 3, Architectural Historian Elsbeth K. Gordon, author of Florida's Colonial Architectural Heritage, provides an interpretive overview of colonial buildings and building practices in early Florida. She is also co-owner of a company that restores old buildings.

The Architecture of Leisure: The Hotels of Henry M. Flagler

April 10 Dr. Susan R. Braden, Assistant Professor of Art History, Auburn University and author of The Architecture of Leisure: The Florida Resort Hotels of Henry Flagler and Henry Plant

The Heritage of Architecture of St. Johns County

April 15, Dr. Sidney P. Johnston, Consulting Historian and author of Historic Properties Survey, St. Johns County, Florida. He is an independent consultant who lives in Deland, Florida.