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2001: The French in St. Augustine

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Speaker Series - 2001

The French in St. Augustine

A month-long look at the French involvement in Florida's early colonial history

The French in Florida

March, 6, Dr. John T. McGrath ( Boston University, author of The French in Early Florida: In the Eye of the Hurricane) discussed the establishment and life of the French colony at Fort Caroline (1565-1565), and its impact on Spanish settlement.

Indians, French, Spaniards in Florida

March 14, Dr. Jerald Milanich, (Curator in Archaeology at the Florida Museum of Natural History and author of Laboring in the Fields of the Lord, Spanish Missions and the Southeastern Indians) tells the story of the events leading to the establishment of San Mateo and discussed how we might find it and its predecessor, Fort Caroline.

French Survivors of the French/Spanish Clash of 1565

March 21, Dr. Eugene Lyon, author of Richer Than We Thought and The Enterprise of Florida reveals stories of the Frenchmen who survived the clash between Pedro Menendez and Jean Ribault, including when and where they were found, and what happened to them next.