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Finger Mullet Film Festival

Finger Mullet Film Festival 2022

Finger Mullet Film Festival

May 20 – 21, 2022

Press Release

Finger Mullet Film Festival Schedule

Under 18: 4-4:45pm

Simone Endress, Odes to Ordinary Objects (2021)
Paola Perez, Fences (2022)
The Students of the Benjamin Dias Costa Foundation, Play Chairs (2021)
Tiziano Doria and Samira Guadagnuolo and Students of Liceo Artistico Preziosissimo Sangue, 14 875 (2022)
St. Augustine Boys and Girls Club, Baller bots (2021)
St. Augustine Boys and Girls Club, Club Adventures (2022)

Locals & Alumni: 5-5:45pm

Jessica Boruksy, Subprime (2021)
Jake Carlson (2022)
Nicholas Lorini, All Great Love (2022)
Russell Maycumber, Train Line (2022)
Drew Miller, Surf Film (2022)
Rory Thompson, Six Months Later (2021)

Curated: 6-7:30pm

Hannah Buckley, We Are Now (2015)
Nathalie Dunselman, Paper Talk (2021)
Zeke Farrow, Possessions (2019)
Sky Hopinka, Lore (2019)
Jamie Isenstein, Thinamijjag (2017)
Tom Konyves, All This Day is Good For (2010)
April Lin, Now I close my eyes the world I see is so beautiful (2020)
Florine Mougel, Roaming (2020)
Eylul Yarkin, Old Man and the Sea (2022)

Live Scores to Silent Films: 8-10pm

Room Thirteen
Severed and Said
Terror Management Band