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Dream Garden

Dream Garden: A digital poetry project by Matt Roberts, Terri Witek and Michael Branton

What is a the Dream Garden?

Dream Garden is a site-specific project by artist Matt Roberts (Associate Professor of Digital Arts, Stetson University), poet Terri Witek (Professor of English, Sullivan Chair in Creative Writing, Stetson University) and Michael Branton (Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science) to gather, graft and nurture a city’s dreams. Each time a city dweller texts a 7-word dream (a poetic form moving private experience into public space), that dream automatically joins others both in a “garden” (a designated physical location in the city, in this case Flagler College’s West Lawn) and online at

The project shows how some community resources – like citizens’ dreams – can inhabit and expand a space without wounding it, colonizing it, or wasting natural resources. As a political space it's urban renewal and greening without displacement. As a philosophical space, it suggests that dreaming together may change a city and even a country. As a community garden, it suggests that our dreams aren’t wasted – they are growable, transplantable, and in the poetic space of the project, both virtual and real.

Woman holds phone displaying augmented reality text overlay of surrounding scenery.

Photo by John Roberts


  1. Text a 7-word dream to (904) 337-9321
  2. Download the Layar app on your phone or tablet
  3. Scan the QR code with the Layar app
  4. Use the Layar app to find your dream in Flagler College's West Lawn

Dream Garden QR Code