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Roar Up! Checklist

The following tasks will need to be completed before you attend Roar Up! orientation:

  • 1. Register for Roar Up!

    Roar Up! is for students entering the fall semester and sessions will be held in June and July. We will be hosting a transfer session in August. Please register for the session you wish to attend before making arrangements to participate.

  • 2. Local Accommodations

    Make sure to reserve a hotel for parents and families attending orientation with their student. Also, do not forget about scheduling transportation to ensure you are able to arrive on time for orientation.

  • 3. Pack Accordingly

    Florida weather can be unpredictable. Make sure that you pack the necessary items to get you through the Roar Up! especially an umbrella and sunblock.

  • 4. Confirm your scholarship and financial aid packages

    To ensure your orientation experience is hassle-free, if possible, make sure that you confirm your financial aid and/or scholarship packages before arriving.

  • 5. Schedule any accommodation appointments

    If you would like to meet with The Disability Resource Center or International Studies office at Roar Up! Please make sure to reach out to those offices to schedule appointments for the afternoon of the second day of orientation.

  • 6. Download the Apps

    Here at Flagler College, we utilize a few applications that will enhance your college experience. Campus Groups will help you find clubs, organizations, and events on campus. Canvas will allow you to view your academic courses at the beginning of the semester.