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Foreign Language Placement Exam

Foreign Language Placement exams are available for French and Spanish. The exams cover multiple-choice and cover grammar, reading, and vocabulary and a $10 fee is required to complete the test. Taking the foreign language placement exam is not required, but is encouraged for students with prior foreign language experience. Foreign language courses are required for certain majors but are not required for Flagler's Core Curriculum. Students should consult their academic advisor to determine how a foreign language may fit into their academic plan.

Students who place into SPA 102/FRE 102 or higher may earn up to 6 credit hours if they pass the class with a B or better. For example, if students place into SPA 201, they can earn 6 credit hours for SPA 101 and 102 if they complete SPA 201 with a B or better. Native speakers although exempted from the placement test, can earn up to 6 credit hours for lower-level courses (SPA 101, 102, 201, and 202 or FRE 101, 102, 201, and 202) after they earn a B or better in a higher-level course.

Students can register for a placement test and submit the $10 fee at this link. Once the exam is complete, the Center for Advising and Core Experience (CACE) will notify the student of their placement results and enter the information into the student's academic record.

Questions about the ASL Program can be directed to June Ann LeFors at