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Foreign Language Placement Test

Incoming/ New Students:

You will receive an email regarding Foreign Language Placement at Flagler. Completing the foreign language placement exam is not required, but is encouraged for students with prior foreign language experience. Foreign language courses are required for certain majors but are not required for General Education. Please contact your advisor for questions about how foreign language may fit into your academic plan. The placement exam and foreign language courses are offered every semester, and your placement will be kept on file should you choose to take a foreign language class in the future.

To better accommodate students, we have made a few adjustments to the placement process. Beginning Fall 2019, language placement exams may be completed online for French, German, Italian and Spanish. The exams are multiple-choice and cover grammar, reading, and vocabulary. 

Students who wish to continue language studies at Flagler are encouraged to take a placement exam and can earn up to 6 language credits depending on placement results and success in upper-level language credit. 

A fee of $10 is required for the exam. Students can make payments using a credit card or electronic check. Credit card payments will be charged an additional 2.75% fee. Payment can be submitted here: Payment - Language Placement Test. Once payment is received, further instructions for completing the exam will be emailed within 2 business days. Please contact Dr. Jessica Howell at with any questions.

Please note this placement exam is different from the American Sign Language placement test. If you have questions about ASL Placement, please contact Professor Kim Nichols at