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Your Flagler College Tallahassee Team

Are you looking for assistance? Our highly qualified staff can assist with any questions you may have! You can reach us via phone or e-mail. We are more than happy to schedule an appointment via face-to-face or Zoom.

Wendall McGahee

Assistant Director of Academic Services 850-201-8984

Registrar & Academic Services

Course Schedules

Official Transcripts

staff member admissions catalina quiroz

Catalina Quiroz

Admissions Recruiter 850-201-8156

Schedule an Appointment

Tallahassee Campus

Public Administration

Katrina Roddenberry

Clinical Education Coordinator 850-201-8988

Education Interns

Annette Young

Coordinator of Student Financial Services and VA School Certifying Official 850-201-8712

Business Services

Tuition & Financial Aid

VA School Certifying Official

Linda Smith

Assistant to the Dean 850-201-8070

Front Office

Disability Accommodations

Samantha Sumler

Assistant Director of Marketing & Communications 850-201-8906

Tallahassee Campus

Division of Continuing Education

Dr. Wayne Riggs

Dean 850-201-8070

Tallahassee Campus

Division of Continuing Education