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Admissions & Aid

Not every student at Flagler College – Tallahassee has followed the same educational path. We get that. Whether you have just finished your Associate in Arts degree or you are returning to complete the education you began years earlier, we can help you reach the next stage in your educational journey.

As you and your classmates advance in the program together, you will form strong study partners, lasting friendships, and a support group like none other. From networking and relationship-building opportunities to a faculty and staff committed to your success, you will be ready to offer your educational talents to the Tallahassee and surrounding communities.

Young professionals, single parents, aging baby boomers, and adults who want to fulfill a dream will find their purpose at Flagler College – Tallahassee. Here, you will gain real-world skills and knowledge that will propel you to the next level in your career.

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If you have questions about the admissions process, contact the Flagler College-Tallahassee admissions coordinator