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Renita Thompson

Renita Thompson

Business Administration, '04

Current occupation:

Associate Director of Data Program Management

Fondest memory of Flagler College-Tallahassee:

I can remember working so hard on a 5-year strategy plan for our Strategic Management class. Although we had four other very demanding classes, it was the one project that took precedence over everything else.  It was the most work any of us had ever done before, but we were determined to get the most out of the class. After countless weeks of working on our projects, we all presented and were told that we did well on our strategic formulations. We were also informed that we would be completing Part II as a Capstone in the fall. Our professor made it very clear that we would need to kick it up a couple of notches if we were to be successful. I can remember my entire class taking the next day off just to “sleep-in.” We had been sleep-deprived for weeks and the idea of taking on another project of its magnitude was just unfathomable. We needed one day to reset, and we would be ready for the world. We took our one day and went into class the next day like “bring it on.” I believe this pivotal time in my educational career has everything to do with why I chose project management as a career track.

Advice to graduating students:

Congratulations! You have made it this far. Although I know it has not been easy, you will be very grateful in the end for everything you have experienced up to this point. Take what you have encountered into the real world with you because they are all waiting. The world is patiently waiting for the next set of entrepreneurs, directors, managers, business leaders, etc. to come. You will leave Flagler with all the tools necessary to be successful. It is going to be up to you whether you choose to utilize those tools. Remember there is nothing you cannot do if and when you so desire. I am excited about your futures and cannot wait to read about some of you in our alumni hall of fame. So, go out into the world and be great!