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James Wright

James Wright

Business Administration, '10

Current Occupation:  

Investment Banking Loan Portfolio Manager 

Fondest memory at Flagler College – Tallahassee:  

My fondest memory is by far the people I had the opportunity to interact with. I continue to keep in touch with a few professors, as well as fellow students, and those are some great relationships.  

Advice for the graduating class:  

A few things for you to keep in mind:  

  1. Celebrate each success along the way. Whether it's in your career, or life, these are the moments you work so hard for, be sure to take a moment and enjoy them. 
  2. Continue to learn at every opportunity. Just because you've graduated doesn't mean you stop learning and start applying (what you know). You should always strive to improve yourself through the acquisition of greater levels of knowledge and understanding (wisdom). If not, you're sure to fall behind those who do. 
  3. Always remember the hardest times are when you grow the most. You will likely face projects, quarters, or overall periods of your career/life that are hard. I promise you will get through them, and on the other side, you will see you are better and more equipped for challenges in the future. 
  4. Most of all, enjoy the journey. Most people (me included) set a target or goal and think once they've achieved it that everything will be easier, and they will be happy. I can assure you that as you approach that target or goal, there will only be new ones just beyond it. With that, focus on enjoying the journey; otherwise, you'll look back and realize you missed a lot looking too far forward.