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James Bird

James Bird

Accounting, '17

Current Occupation: 

Senior Auditor and CPA with the Florida Auditor General

Fondest memory at Flagler College – Tallahassee:

I have so many great memories and had so many great experiences, that it's difficult to pick just one to talk about. To me, Flagler College Tallahassee wasn't just the place that I got my degree; it was the place where I changed the trajectory of my career and made so many friends along the way. Even now, I keep in touch with the students I sat next to in my very first class - and one of them even works with me at the Auditor General's office!

If I had to pick one memory though, it has to be the entire last semester of the program when we all completed our capstone project and then got to watch as each of the people we spent the last four years with walked across the stage at graduation. Seeing my friends, who I had shared hours and hours of class time with, accomplish their goal of graduating is my best memory.

Advice for the graduating class:

Congratulations! I know you've worked hard and sacrificed a lot to get to this point. You're graduating and potentially entering a new career field at a very uncertain time, but always remember that you have hundreds of connections already through your classmates, teachers, and alumni, and in the same way that you helped and relied on each other for the last few years, remember that you can help and rely on each other now and in the future.

Advice for the incoming class:

Whether you're a student who came to Flagler right after finishing an AA, or you work during the day and take classes at night, or like me, you're returning [and] taking a second shot at college after years of being away, be confident that you made the right decision to be here. As someone who is now five years on the other side of making the same decision you have, I can tell you from experience that going to FCT was the single best decision I've made both personally and professionally, and you are absolutely in the right place.