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Chloe Bonnell

Chloe Bonnell

Education, ‘19

Current Occupation: 

First grade teacher 

Fondest memory at Flagler College – Tallahassee: 

There are a lot of great memories I hold from my time spent at Flagler. There are a few that stand out, though. I was always excited to walk into the office to meet with a professor or ask a question because the lovely Ms. Linda’s smiling face would be the face that I saw upon entry. College can be stressful, but I always felt supported by those around me. I made some lifelong friendships and grew a great deal during my time spent at Flagler.  

Advice for the graduating class: 
For the upcoming graduating class, congratulations. You did it. Take a moment to reflect on your hard work and accomplishments. Life is hard, but so are you. I encourage all of you to take the mindset of “What is this teaching me?” instead of “Why is this bad thing happening to me?”. This idea has changed my perspective on life. I am thankful God blessed me to attend Flagler College for 2 years and build some wonderful memories and relationships.”