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ACT Test Prep

The ACT is a pre-college admissions test that is an important factor in determining admissions status and scholarship eligibility at many schools. It tests quantitative, verbal, and science reasoning skills. Maximize your confidence and your score with our ACT Prep Classes!

ACT Exam Courses

ACT Online Workshop

Step One - Take this FREE Online Workshop! Join to benefit from strategies designed to prepare students and provide students, parents, counselors, and advisors with valuable information regarding the tests to ensure your success.

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Step Two - Register now for this intensive course delivered by an expert instructor. This course provides students with all the interactivity of face-to-face classroom experience. Instruction will cover all math and verbal skills needed for success.

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ACT Summer Institute

The ACT Summer Institute is a live online intensive test prep program. Students receive in-depth review of the test materials, insight into strategies for succeeding on standardized tests, a comprehensive study plan, and extended online support. 

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Flagler College Test Preparation

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