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Corporate Training & Professional Development

Front End Development


Skills with Purpose

This course is for anyone interested in learning how to design the front end of a functional website through a fully supported learner programme combining a world class LMS, student analytics and a strong learner support system. This is suitable for those in employment who want to upskill and those looking to enhance their existing skills.

Delivering Outcomes

During the programme learners will work with three of the most widely used programming languages. This is a hands-on practical approach to front-end development and learners will be actively implementing what they learn from day one while building the project that will form their assessment. 


Flexible, Supported Learning

A flexible, 100% online format with content delivered via our LMS. This is backed with learner support which includes 1:1 tutoring, a student care team and an actively engaged learner community. Our analytics software, AMOS, tracks learner progress and triggers support to ensure learners stay engaged on track.

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The Front End Development programme is composed of modules that focus on the most widely implemented programming languages used in front-end development:

Front End Tech Stack

HTML Fundamentals:

How to define and build the content and structure of web pages, create text and add links images, videos and audio.

CSS Fundamentals:

How to style web pages using layout elements including fonts, sizes and colours. Begin to incorporate user experience and responsive elements into the build.

JavaScript Fundamentals:

The concepts of imperative and object-oriented programming enable learners to use JavaScript to improve processes.

Course Details

  • Course Cost: $2,989
  • Course Length: 167 hours

  • Part time, 100% online

  • 24 weeks, 24/7 access

  • 2 milestone projects

  • Flagler College certificate of completion 

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Flagler College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Master of Arts degrees.  Non-degree, non-credit training and development programs are not accredited by SACS Commission on Colleges, and the accreditation of Flagler College does not extend to or include these programs or its students.  Flagler College does not accept course work from these programs for credit toward any award.



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