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Certificate in Software Development

50% of jobs paying more than $58,000 require coding skills

Why software development

Software Development is the fastest-growing employment sector in the United States. Professionals equipped with coding skills are highly sought after and well paid.

Digital transformation has impacted every industry and businesses struggle to find candidates with the necessary technical skills. We are also seeing an increasing number of non-tech roles citing programming skills as "advantageous".

Learning software development opens doors to employment in a wide variety of roles and sectors.

What you will learn

Our course in full-stack software development is designed with employability in mind. This program is ideal for those seeking a career in software development as well as professionals looking to add highly valuable skills to their resume.

The course emphasizes practice over theory and is assessed on the basis of four milestone projects (web applications) that you will design and build.

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Coding Fundamentals


Your journey begins with the basics. No previous experience is required. We introduce you to coding’s core principles. We believe that you learn by doing. As you learn new concepts, you put these ideas into practice, seeing tangible outcomes to your learning as you go.

A student is typing on their laptop.



Front-end development is concerned with design, interface and user experience. In this module, you’ll develop your knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build beautiful websites and web applications.

Front-end development is concerned with making user interaction seamless and user-friendly, while also ensuring consistent design and experience on multiple platforms.

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Interactivity is a key part of rich and engaging user experiences. This module is concerned with creating interactive web applications that leverage logic and user input.

As well as working with data from external applications using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), you will learn how to create data visualizations using custom JavaScript libraries.

A student is typing on a keyboard code is visible on the monitor in front of them.



Databases play a key role in software development. The organization and management of data is a critical part of every business today. While the front-end is concerned with what the user sees, the back-end focuses on the data and logic that underpins the application.

In this module, you’ll work with structured and unstructured databases to learn how to manipulate data. You’ll learn how to present that data in a meaningful and easily digestible way.



Full-Stack Developers are fluent in front-end and back-end technologies. They are capable of integrating both into a seamless experience. Using APIs and frameworks they can make the application even more useful by integrating payment systems, booking systems, and other third-party tools. This module will teach you how to use frameworks effectively, in particular, Django.

Find out more

If you would like to learn more about this course, please request a call at (904) 826-8643 and one of our advisors will contact you.

World Class Support

We have taken the classroom learning experience and enhanced it in with the best elements of online and LMS driven learning, while also ensuring that the human aspects of the classroom-based learning are preserved in our online programs.

Student Care: Student Care help you achieve your goals by setting schedules and keeping you on task. They understand how to balance personal and professional commitments with realistic and achievable study goals.

Tutors: Our expert team of tutors can be consulted through our learning platform to give issue-specific support and guidance on day-to-day questions that arise as you work through the curriculum.

Mentors: Every student is assigned an individual mentor. Your mentor has extensive industry experience and is there to give you feedback and advice on the projects you are developing. You meet with them in live sessions at set intervals during the program.

Fellow Students: Globally, there are over 2,000 students participating in this program. You can get help and offer help to our peers around the world in real-time at any hour of the day. (or night!)

Your Team

Yoni Lavi

Director of Student Experience

Haley Schafer

Haley Schafer

Learning Success Software Developer

Brian O'Grady

Brian O’Grady

Programme Director

Nakita McCool

Nakita McCool

Learning Success Lead

Vincent Brown

Education Advisor

Niel McEwan

Program Developer

What students are saying

“Completing this course was the best decision I ever made. I loved the idea of gaining a set of (employable) skills and tools which I could take with me wherever I go, for the rest of my career.” - Colleen (Before: Artist, After: Teacher, Girl DevelopIT)


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