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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name & Title Department Email Phone Office
Dennis Gorlick

Faculty | Adjunct

Natural Sciences, School of Humanities and Sciences

Dennis Hollingsworth

Faculty | Part-Time Instructor

Public Administration

Devereaux Kennedy

Faculty | Part-Time Instructor

Behavioral Sciences

Diana Gonzalez

Staff | Pre-Enrollment Advisor and Graduation Analyst


Diana Lodi

Faculty | Assistant Professor of Visual and Performing Arts

Art & Design, School of Creative Arts and Letters

904-819-6397 Molly Wiley Art Building, Room 210
Diane J Driggers

Faculty | Education Adjunct Professor

Flagler College Tallahassee Education, Flagler College Tallahassee

Dining Services

Staff |

Dining Services

Dirk Hibler

Staff | Dean of Student Affairs

Student Affairs

904-819-6336 Ringhaver Student Center 225
DJ Wright

Faculty | TAL Adjunct

Flagler College Tallahassee

Dominic Scine

Faculty | Adjunct

Business Administration

Don Aycock

Faculty | Adjunct

Communication, School of Creative Arts and Letters

Donald McGran

Staff | Director of Safety and Security

Safety and Security

Donald Robbins

Faculty | Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Math & Technology, School of Business, Education, and Mathematics

Donn Garby

Staff | Assistant Director of Housing Operations

Student Affairs

904-819-6459 Commons - 216
Donna Cathcart

Staff | Security Officer

Safety and Security

Donna Soncrant

Faculty | Public Administration Adjunct

Public Administration

Donnie Lusk

Staff | Safety and Security Officer

Safety and Security

Dorian Lopez

Staff | Custodian

Facilities Management

Doug Hart

Staff | Senior Help Desk Technician

Institutional Technology

904-826-8787 Kenan Hall – Room 228
Douglas Keaton

Faculty | Assistant Professor of Humanities

Humanities, School of Humanities and Sciences

904-819-6396 Kenan Hall, Room 517