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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name & Title Department Email Phone Office
Catherine Smith

Faculty | Adjunct

Humanities, Natural Sciences, School of Humanities and Sciences

Cazzie Russell

Staff | Part-time Assistant Women's Basketball Coach


Chad Warner

Faculty | Head Men's Basketball Coach


(904) 819-6251
Chadwick Storlie

Faculty | Business Administration Adjunct

Business Administration

Chadwick Storlie

Faculty | Part-Time Instructor

Business Administration

Charlene Banta

Faculty | Adjunct

Math & Technology, School of Business, Education, and Mathematics

Charles White

Faculty | Business Administration Professor

Business Administration

Cheryl McCarthy

Faculty | Professor, ESE Coordinator


904-826-8541 Kenan Hall, Room 305
Chris Balaschak

Faculty | Associate Professor of Visual Arts

Art & Design, School of Creative Arts and Letters, Visual and Performing Arts

904-826-8574 Markland House, Room 28
Chris Kranjc

Staff | Men's Head Soccer Coach


(904) 819-6254
Chris Smith

Faculty | Assistant Professor of Visual and Performing Arts

Art & Design, School of Creative Arts and Letters

904-819-6382 Molly Wiley Art Building, Room 203
Christian Telmosse

Faculty | Humanities Adjunct


Christian Telmosse

Faculty | Part-Time Instructor


Christina Langston

Faculty | Part-Time Instructor

Public Administration

Christine Fogarty

Faculty | Adjunct

Theatre Arts

Christine Moser

Faculty | Associate Professor of Humanities, Assistant Director of Pre-Law Program

Humanities, School of Humanities and Sciences

904-826-8542 Thompson Hall, Room 18
Christine Rodenbaugh

Staff | Administrative Assistant

Adult & Continuing Education

Christopher Atteberry

Staff | Custodian/Housekeeper

Facilities Management

Christopher Chaya

Staff | Media Help Desk Technician

Institutional Technology

Christopher Schoelen

Faculty | Guitar Instructor

Theatre Arts