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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name & Title Department Email Phone Office
Anna Miller

Faculty | Part-Time Instructor

Visual and Performing Arts

Annalisa Rinaldi-Cheetham

Faculty | Adjunct

Humanities, School of Humanities and Sciences

(904) 826-8578
Anne Allen

Staff | Part-Time Instructor

Public Administration

Anne Saville

Faculty | Part-Time Instructor


Annette Young

Staff | TAL Coordinator of Student Financial Services and Campus Events

Flagler College Tallahassee Staff, Flagler College Tallahassee

(850) 201-8712 UC113
Ansley Bates

Staff | Intern Athletic Trainer


Anthony Williams

Staff | Custodian/Housekeeper

Facilities Management

Arthur Vanden Houten

Faculty | Associate Professor of Political Science, Vice President of Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs, Humanities, School of Humanities and Sciences

904-819-6274 Ponce de Leon Hall
Ashley Coffey

Staff | Director of International Education

Ashley Cofield

Staff | Director of Student Leadership and Engagement

Student Affairs

904-819-6307 Ringhaver Student Center 220
Ashley Martin

Staff | Head Women's Soccer Coach


(904) 819-6473
Ashley Rinberger

Staff | Student Accounts Counselor and Analyst

Business Services

904-819-6447 Business Office, 20 Valencia St.
Athena Masson

Faculty | Adjunct

Communication, School of Creative Arts and Letters

Autumn Soto

Faculty | Adjunct

Learning Resource Center

Barbara Blonder

Faculty | Associate Professor of Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences, School of Humanities and Sciences

904-819-6229 Kenan Hall, Room 507
Barbara Jensen

Staff | Custodian

Facilities Management

Bariaa Ghazi Shatila

Faculty | Associate Professor of Mathematics

Math & Technology, School of Business, Education, and Mathematics

904-819-6335 74 Riberia Street, Room 107
Becky Short

Staff | Donor Stewardship Coordinator

Institutional Advancement

904-819-6407 170 Malaga Street
Belinda Fieldhouse

Staff | Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Ben Atkinson

Faculty | Assistant Professor of Natural Sciences

Natural Sciences, School of Humanities and Sciences

904-819-6454 Kenan Hall, Room 108B