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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name & Title Department Email Phone Office
Amy Vela

Faculty | Adjunct

Humanities, School of Humanities and Sciences

Andrea Adams-Manning

Staff | Director of Case Management & Outreach Education

Health & Wellness, Student Affairs

904-819-6308 Tinlin House, 65 Valencia Street
Andrea Carlile

Faculty | TAL Education Assistant Professor

Flagler College Tallahassee Education, Flagler College Tallahassee

850-201-8483 UC118
Andrea Carr

Staff | Enrollment Systems and CRM Administrator


904-819-6226 Hanke Hall
Andrea Crowe

Staff | Admissions Support Specialist


Andrea McCook

Faculty | Associate Professor

School of Creative Arts and Letters, Theatre Arts

904-819-6401 Wiley Hall, Room 108
Andrea Middlebrook

Faculty | Part-Time Instructor


Andrew Dicus

Faculty | English Assistant Professor


904-819-6385 K-406
Andrew Katz

Faculty | Adjunct

Math & Technology, School of Business, Education, and Mathematics

Andrew Nordelus

Staff | Associate Director, Event Technology

Special Events

904-826-8585 Proctor Library
Andrew Wetherington

Staff | Supervisor of Maintenance

Facilities Management

Angelenia Semegon

Faculty | Associate Professor of Psychology, Department Chair of Behavioral Sciences, Co-Chair Institutional Review Board

Behavioral Sciences, School of Humanities and Sciences

904-826-8589 Thompson Hall, Room 22
Angus McPhaul

Faculty | Adjunct

Public Administration

Anita Clare Volk

Staff | Accommodations Clerk

Disability Services

Anita Vereb

Faculty | Adjunct


Ann Smith

Staff | E-Learning Specialist

Academic Affairs

Anna Burnley

Faculty | Associate Professor of Education

Flagler College Tallahassee Education

850-201-8661 UC120
Anna Miller

Faculty | Part-Time Instructor

Visual and Performing Arts

Annalisa Rinaldi-Cheetham

Faculty | Adjunct

Humanities, School of Humanities and Sciences

(904) 826-8578
Anne Allen

Staff | Part-Time Instructor

Public Administration